Prediction Came True

Achievements have no bounds & one has to cross many a skies before reaching up to a fulfilment though the complete fulfilment may be illusionary but satisfaction in strides how humble it could be is always gratifying and coerces human beings to endeavour further n farther…… Being burdened under varying compulsions of life whatever I could achieve seems to be an encouraging journey in my life..

Past Predictions proved accurate:-

  • Doyen of BJP politics Late.Gopinath munde(RIP) may die in an accident probably in June 2014. And this forecast of mine about his demise proved cruelly accurate.

  • Second foremost prediction of mine which turned out to be fully accurate was about the electoral clean sweep by the BJP(Bhartiya Janta Party) in Haryana elections of 2014.

  • Thirdly my calculation became precisely right about the AAP govt. leaving the helms of Delhi govt. immaturely.

…..And in all my pursuits in the upcoming years I learn to add further achievements to my credit…! May Almighty help Me I pay my deepest regards to my Guru,Swami Ji, Well-wishers, Followers & seek & expect their blessings in future too.