Film Astrology

In Indian cinema, a puja ritual marks the beginning of a movie project, and Fridays, known as Sukravar, are deemed auspicious for releasing films, with some exceptions made for festive days. Sukravar is associated with the planet Sukra (Venus), known for its association with the arts and creative endeavors.

Film astrology offers accurate predictions about the film industry, covering aspects such as direction, production, music, writing, and acting. Acharya Praveen offers astrological guidance for upcoming film projects, including name suggestions based on astrology and the best time(Muhurat) to release a film for maximum success. The horoscopes of producers, directors, and actors are analyzed to identify potential strengths and astrological yogas for superhit movies and recommended remedial solutions for desired results are provided.

Film astrology services cover:

  • Evaluating the strength of horoscopes of producers, directors, actors, etc. to get maximum benefit.
  • Identifying the presence of astrological Yogas in all horoscopes to increase the chances of film success.
  • Providing a complete astrological analysis report about the project of the movie. Offering suggestions for name alterations or spellings of the movie/film name.
  • Analyzing the possibility of the movie becoming a super hit or award-winning.
  • Predicting the level of success of the film/movies and the timing of it.
  • Recommending an auspicious Muhurat to release the movie/film for desired results.
  • Providing the best astrological remedial solutions to get the desired results.

Planets and the Film Industry:

  • The planet Sun represents – The Director of the movie
  • The planet Moon represents – Actors
  • The planet Mars represents – Editing
  • The planet Mercury represents – Distribution
  • The planet Jupiter represents – Money and Finances
  • The planet Venus represents – Music and Advertisements
  • The planet Saturn represents – Light Boys and Support Systems

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