Corporate Astrology

Business astrology deals with commercial analysis of the Zodiac nativities. Our consultation will be focusing on the planets responsible for trade of different Zodiac Sun signs. The seventh house in a horoscope denotes commerce for any Zodiac nativity. Moreover, any house out of the 12 houses, could play the role of the seventh house for a particular nativity. It is observed that people who go through the phase of seventh house in their personal horoscope get involved in commerce. But, any planet can offer trade opportunity, provided it is being influenced by the planet responsible for functioning of the seventh house of a horoscope. Therefore, while judging a horoscope to find out trade opportunity of a person, each and every planet is scrutinized with their physical position, angular position, occupying position of Zodiac sign as well as its aspects have to be judged very meticulously. Please note that, position of seventh lord in the sixth house enhances financial trade for the respective Zodiac nativities. Moreover, conjunction of Mars and Venus ensure international or foreign trade.

A business enterprise also possesses a horoscope since its initiation, which will act as a guiding factor for all sorts of developments and vice-versa. While discussing planetary influence over business development, we need to remember two factors from the planetary perspective. The first factor is the planetary position during the birth or initiation of a business organization and the second factor is the rotational effect of the planets at present, both factors will guide development of the organization.

My USP: Business Calculator

Business calculator from date of birth is a numerological derivative of business horoscope and analyzes annual business prospect. This is innovation of one of its kind and is my brainchild. It was innovated by me from Vedic numerology. Astrology of business deals with varied factors of commercial activities. Whereas business calculator caters to some of the intricate factors of the businesses in a lucid way while incorporating the concepts from Indian astrology. Clients in one glance will come to know about the annual report of their business and will be able to assess the annual trend of the commercial field they are in. Many people in the World do not know correct information of their birth: date, time, and place. So, keeping requirement of the masses in mind, this novel idea has been implemented to fulfill global business predictions. Entrepreneurs can use it easily as it is arranged in the simplest manner. Come and reap benefits from our free online business calculator.

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