Corporate Astrology

Corporate Astrology delves into the commercial analysis of Zodiac nativities, specifically focusing on the planets responsible for trade of different Zodiac Sun signs. In a horoscope, the seventh house denotes commerce for any Zodiac nativity, and any of the 12 houses could play the role of the seventh house for a particular nativity. Our consultation meticulously scrutinizes each and every planet’s physical position, angular position, occupying position of Zodiac sign, as well as its aspects to find out trade opportunities for an individual. It is noteworthy that the position of the seventh lord in the sixth house enhances financial trade for the respective Zodiac nativities, while the conjunction of Mars and Venus ensures international or foreign trade.

A business enterprise also has a horoscope since its initiation, which acts as a guiding factor for all sorts of developments and vice-versa. When discussing planetary influence over business development, we must consider two factors: the planetary position during the birth or initiation of the business organization and the rotational effect of the planets at present. These factors guide the development of the organization.

Corporate Astrology services

We provide comprehensive business predictions and remedial consultancy to help improve your business. Acharya Praveen uses his expertise to foresee unavoidable circumstances and accurately determine the timing of their occurrence. He can also determine the positive and negative developments with regard to startup, business partnership, investment, business expansion, purchase of new ventures, overseas business, and other factors that affect business growth. With this knowledge, you can prepare for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and make informed decisions to maximize your success.

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